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Mischief Managed
Saburo lounged contentedly in the radio studio, plucking the next poem from a stack of postcards he had selected. The writings of eager young girls from across inner Tokyo waited for him there, each creation containing a profound, arguably ridiculous amount of hope that a particular radio show host with an attractive voice and an unknown face would recite it...
...With DJ 623's dreamy voice. A twitch of a smile appeared, tinted with more amusement than pride.
He spoke without glancing at the poem in its entirety first; it was all habit by now. Perhaps that had been a mistake.
"Burning spices melt together with love as their acidic catalyst... Curry forms smoothly as the colorful vegetables merge-" Saburo stopped, narrowing his eyes at the paper at the same moment that each and every one of those eager young girls who had been listening widened theirs in horrified disbelief. How had there artistic idol allowed something so... bizarre to mix with their words of love and sugar?
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Sergeant Major Kururu


Pekoponain Companion:

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Current Residence: The Lab
Favourite genre of music: Techno. Ku Ku~
Operating System: Ku Ku~ One I made myself.
Personal Quote: Ku Ku Ku~
*The yellow keronian padded down one of the many halls deep within the labyrinth that was Keroro Platoon's base. He absentmindedly wiped his hands off with a rag, having had to dirty them while repairing the mechas that currently sat in their hold, going bad from simple lack of use. A rather annoyed huff escaped his lips as he turned a corner, heading back to his lab.*

((All right let's do this. Come at me, Padre))


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In celebration of the Keroro anime coming back, I decided that the long dead, KGRPDA group shall be revived as well. With a new group! Keroro-GunsoRP 

I am currently on a hunt to gather all of the original canon characters before their spots will open once again for those who want to roleplay as them. You have until May 5th to reclaim your spot!

Reclaim it here!…
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